Friday, January 27, 2012

Heat Hot;Market Cool

The Miami Heat overpowered the New York Knicks 99-89 Friday night at American Airlines Arena in Miami,bringing their record up to 14-5.After missing six games with a bad ankle,Dwayne Wade returned to the court for Miami.The story here is Dwayne Wade,said commentator and NBA great Magic Johnson.He makes everybody on the Heat team that much better.Wade scored 28 points on the night.
New York's Billy Walker was outstanding from a distance,shooting a career high seven three-pointers,ending up with a total of 21 points.As a team,the Knicks hit a remarkable 18 threes on the evening.They did little else well,however,missing their star Carmelo Anthony,who was sidelined with wrist and thumb injuries.
The market was nondescript this week,with the broadly based S&P 500 Index basically flat with a tiny weekly gain of 0.07%.Several mixed earnings reports were received from the likes of Ford,3M and AT&T,and GDP growth was a disappointing 2.8,missing the estimate of 3.0 for Q4 2011.So far this earnings season,only 59% of reports have exceeded estimates,which is below average.
Next week,earnings from Exxon Mobil,Pfizer,Qualcomm and Sony are on the calendar,as well as the important monthly readings from the Institute for Supply Management and the January employment report.The sports scene will be in the grip of pre-Super Bowl excitement as the New York Giants and New England Patriots complete their preparations for the mega American football game.
The S&P futures dropped 2.80 Friday evening,and bond index futures rose.
Exxon Mobil(XOM),Pfizer(PFE),Qualcomm(QCOM),Sony(SNE)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Market Strong;Lakers Weak

The market turned in a strong scorecard on Friday.Although trading volume remains thin,all the major averages gained more than 2% for the week.The Dow added 2.40%,while the NASDAQ notched 2.80 and the S&P climbed 2.04.The tech sector powered the rally on good earnings reports from Intel,IBM and Microsoft,although Google issued a poor one.The market was also cheered by a positive existing home sales number,up 5% to an 11-month high.
The Los Angeles Lakers were not cheerful on Friday night,however.Their road record fell to 1-6 as they were held to a season low 80 points by the Orlando Magic in Florida,falling by a score of 92-80.Dwight Howard led the Magic with 21 points and 23 rebounds,while Kobe Bryant continued his excellent season for the Lakers with 32 points.Howard attributed their success to the fact that they decided to play good defense,and his offensive approach was just to attack.
Commentator and former NBA star Magic Johnson noted that,although the Lakers were shooting 28%,they continue to shoot jump shots.I don't understand that.A lot of guys are open for a reason.When you struggle,you've got to take it to the basket,Johnson said.
The market will have plenty to digest next week as a torrent of data and earnings reports pour in.McDonald's,Apple,Procter&Gamble and AT&T are among the giant companies reporting,while durable goods,new home sales,consumer sentiment and Leading Economic Indicators figures will also be released.Europe and Iran may continue to factor into trading as well.
On Friday evening,the S&P futures edged up 0.40,and bond index futures fell.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Processed Meat and Cancer:What To Remember

The most important thing to remember is,it isn't the meat itself that raises cancer risk;it's the sodium nitrite-the chemical most commonly used to preserve the meat's color and freshness.Sodium nitrite can in turn form the carcinogen known as nitrosamine-especially when cooked at high heat,such as in frying or flame broiling,and subjected to our stomach acid.This has long been known with regard to colon cancer.The new study from Britain mentioned below now links processed meat to pancreatic cancer risk as well.
Completely understanding the complex chemistry of food additives probably isn't in the future of most of us.What we all can understand is,an extra risk,however small,may have been resulted in by their usage.
Probably few people will totally change their diets over as small an extra risk as this.They may cut back a little,though.In any event,the food industry needs to get on this and start researching a substitute for sodium nitrite,if it isn't already doing so.They owe it to their customers and themselves.

Bacon, Sausage Linked To Cancer Risk - Boston News Story - WCVB Boston

Bacon, Sausage Linked To Cancer Risk - Boston News Story - WCVB Boston

Friday, January 13, 2012

Celtics Rally,But Not Enough

The Boston Celtics staged a spirited rally against the Chicago Bulls Friday night,but could not close the deal in the end,losing by a score of 88-79.At one stage of the game,they had been down by 20 points,but climbed to within one point of the Bulls in the 4th quarter.
The win moved the Bulls to a record of 11-2,with seven of their wins on the road.Celtics coach Doc Rivers said we're a defensive team.We've got to get stops.That's the game.Commentator and NBA legend Magic Johnson described the Celtics as being too old and non-athletic.It doesn't look good.
Standouts at the TD Garden matchup in Boston included Derrick Rose of Chicago with his 25 points;and Ray Allen,who notched 16 points for the Celtics.
Stocks closed modestly higher for the week,with the S&P up about 1%.The S&P futures closed down 3.30,however,as Standard&Poor's announced it had downgraded the credit of France,Spain,Italy and others.Bond index futures rose.
A number of the financials will report earnings next week,including Citigroup and Goldman Sachs,as well as GE,which gives its results out on Friday.U.S. markets are closed Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday,but global markets will be open.
General Electric(GE),Citigroup(C),Goldman Sachs(GS)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Market and Arkansas Razorbacks Achieve Goals

It was a good week for the stock market and the Arkansas Razorbacks.Encouraged by a positive employment report and a promising result from the Institute for Supply Management's manufacturing survey,the Dow logged a 1.17% weekly gain,while the NASDAQ led the way with a 2.65 uptick and the S&P added 1.61 to its ledger.
Some dismissed the expansion of employment by 200,000 jobs in December as a result of seasonal hiring.They also pointed out that the number of long term unemployed remains at 5.6 million.The Euro-zone debt crisis,Iranian behavior and U.S. deficit issue remain significant headwinds as well.
The Arkansas Razorbacks won their school record 11th football game of the season as they soundly beat the Kansas State Wildcats 29-13 in the AT&T Cotton Bowl in Arlington,Texas.It was the Razorbacks' fourth Cotton Bowl trophy,the last one being earned in the year 2000.The game was held at the NFL's largest venue,Cowboy Stadium,before a spirited sellout crowd of 80,000.
AT&T,which is based in nearby Dallas,has been a Cotton Bowl sponsor for 16 years.
Next week,earnings season begins as Alcoa reports its Q4 results on Monday.Also on Monday,German Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on European financial problems.In addition,retail sales and consumer sentiment reports could color the market's performance.The S&P futures rose 1.10 on Friday evening,and bond index futures edged higher as well.