Friday, November 26, 2010

More Snow For Sierra Nevada,Charlotte Bobcats Warm

The Sierra Nevada range is looking for more snow this weekend.Up to a foot more will add to the several feet of snow pack already received recently.Snow will also sweep across Idaho and into Western Montana and Northwestern Wyoming,while the Great Lakes will register up to a foot of lake effect snow.
The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic were mainly clear and cold Friday night,with the lowest nighttime temperatures of the season expected in some areas.
The Charlotte Bobcats were warmed up Friday night by their 99-89 victory over the Houston Rockets,who were playing without their legendary big man,Yao Ming.Yao is injured and will probably be out for at least a few more weeks.
Chase Budinger led the Rockets with 19 points and 18 rebounds;the Bobcats were carried by Gerald Wallace with his 21 points and 14 rebounds,as well as Boris Diaw and his 20 points and 10 rebounds.
The Bobcats,6-10,shucked a 2-game losing streak,but the Rockets,4-11,have dropped 5 of the last 6 now.
The market was mixed this week as it fretted over European debt and Korean tension,while feeling more confident in consumer spending.The Dow fell 111.55 for the week,and the S&P stumbled 10.33.The tech-rich NASDAQ climbed 16.44.
The stock futures were uniformly negative Friday evening,given the geopolitical uncertainty,with substantial drops in all three index futures,and bond futures responded with a move upward.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thunder Prevail,Market Even

The Oklahoma City Thunder handled the Boston Celtics 89-84 Friday night before a very loud crowd at TD Garden in Boston.The Thunder couldn't make a basket as the game wound down,missing their last 14 shots,but their foul shooting was sharp.Russell Westbrook,who led the Thunder with 31 points,said that OKC also defended like they did all last year,and so they closed down the game.Kevin Garnett scored 16 points for Boston.
Brisk conditions brace the Northern Plains like the OKC defense this weekend.Bismarck will be 21F Saturday,and Billings will have a high of 19,with snow in both locations,as well as in the Sierra Nevada range.Seattle could see snow Saturday night,and snow showers may brush the Northeast.
After falling off a cliff,the market managed to recover its equilibrium this week,closing on a flat note for the week,with the S&P up 0.04.Worries about European debt had resurfaced,and China took measures to cool off its economy,constraining any progress traders had hoped to achieve.
Positive manufacturing numbers from the Mid-Atlantic region helped the market end on an even keel.Hewlett Packard's earnings report after the closing bell on Monday is an early milestone for next week's action.The S&P futures were up 0.50 this evening,and bond futures were in the green as well.
Hewlett Packard(HPQ)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Jazz Ablaze,Texas Snow

The Utah Jazz continued their inspirational run,taking their fourth straight win of the week as they nudged the Atlanta Hawks 90-86 at Philips Arena in Atlanta Friday night.In all the games,the Jazz won after trailing by double digits.
Deron Williams silenced the Atlanta crowd of 17,069 with his 24 points,10 assists and 5 rebounds;Andrei Kirilenko added his 14 points,12 rebounds and 2 assists to the Jazz's effort.For the Hawks,Josh Smith contributed 20 points,13 rebounds and 5 assists.
At Target Center is Minneapolis,Kevin Love powered the Timberwolves' 112-103 win over the New York Knicks,which left the Knicks with a 3-6 record,having lost 4 straight.Minnesota is 3-7.
Raymond Felton led the Knicks with 22 points,3 rebounds and 8 assists.
Amarillo,Texas was feeling as cold as the Knicks this morning when they experienced thunder snow.The churning of ice crystals in clouds generated thunder and lightning along with snowflakes.Ski season is well underway in Colorado,with Breckenridge Resort reporting 8 degrees F and calling for more snow this weekend.The interior Northeast will be at freezing or slightly below tonight.
The market,troubled by Cisco's poor outlook and worries about Chinese inflation and European debt,had a lackluster week.The furures didn't look any better,with the Dow futures down 90.00 and the NASDAQ falling 38.75,while the S&P futures were flat.
Cisco Systems(CSCO)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Knicks Look Sharp Now

The New York Knicks slammed the Washington Wizards 112-91 at Madison Square Garden Friday night,lifting their record to 3-2.Loud organ music accompanied the Knicks in cavernous MSG.
Toney Douglas led the Knicks' scoring with 19 points,while Andray Blatche notched 22 for the Wizards.Sharp 3-point shooting helped New York,but D.C. was hindered by 22 turnovers that led to 25 Knicks points.
The Knicks won only 27 games in 2007,but appear to be well on the way out of that basement.
The market has also made its way out of the basement,having erased all the losses of the financial crisis.It has completely recovered to the level before the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008..The labor market is looking a little better as well,with 151,000 jobs being created last month-the first increase since April.
The Appalachian Mountains are looking for 2-4 inches of snow this weekend as cold air meets Great Lakes moisture and spills southward.The market is waiting for earnings reports from Cisco,Disney and Macy's next week,but little else.The S&P futures were flat this evening,while bond futures rose.
Madison Square Garden Inc.(MSG)