Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn in the United States Photos - National Geographic

Autumn in the United States Photos - National Geographic

Friday, October 19, 2012

Giants Blank Cards;Autumn Mist Abounds

The San Francisco Giants pinned the St.Louis Cardinals down at Busch Stadium in St.Louis Friday night.A strong pitching performance by Barry Zito ensured that Frisco will live another day as the National League Championship Series returns to their Bay Area for its conclusion.
Zito pitched 7 and 2/3rds shutout innings and Sergio Romo closed the contest out,at least delaying a second straight league crown to the World Champion Cardinals.
I had all my pitches working tonight,Zito said.The most important thing is getting it back to San Francisco so our fans can be a factor.For me,the most important thing is getting everything done for San Francisco.
The next game of the series will be played at 7 pm Eastern,4 pm Pacific on Sunday.Fox Television will broadcast it.
The iconic autumn mist obscured some parts of the Mid-Atlantic region Friday night,making road travel more hazardous.Jupiter has remained a brilliant feature in the eastern sky over recent nights.At times,Jupiter can reach a magnitude of up to -2.6.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Frosty Starlit Night;Yankees Pitcher Dominates Orioles

Clear skies made for excellent stargazing and the promise of frost in nearly the entire Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions Friday night.Looking into the spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy in which we live was eminently possible in the conditions.The Milky Way looks like a faint cloud extending across the sky and encompassing many individual stars.
It will be the first frost of the season in many areas,and record lows may be occurring with temperatures dipping as far as the upper twenties F.Those wishing to preserve sensitive plants such as houseplants on their decks covered them or brought them in for the night.
The New York Yankees extended their season Friday night by capturing the American League East crown as they overpowered the Baltimore Orioles 3-1 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.Yankees star pitcher CC Sabathia calmly went the whole nine innings of the game-a rarity in these times-and centerfielder Curtis Granderson hit an impressive seventh inning home run into the second deck to solidify the New Yorkers' victory over the younger Baltimore team.
The Yankees move on to meet the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship Series.The San Francisco Giants will play the St.Louis Cardinals for the National League Crown.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Views of Moon and Jupiter;Light Snow Cover at Glacier National Park

The waning moon hung low in the eastern sky,with Jupiter brilliant just above it as I stepped out for some air about 11 pm Friday night.It was an impressive view of some everyday heavenly bodies,rather than something rare.Just the way they were arranged in the night sky made them worthy of admiration.
Some people out West were able to admire light snow this week.Glacier National Park,Montana had snow from Tuesday into Wednesday.By Friday night it was 24 F with 2-4 inches of snow cover at about 4500 ft. in East Glacier Park.The wind chill was 19F.
Fire danger at Glacier is moderate,with the Avalanche Fire being 122 acres in size.Smoke and haze are also drifting in from fires outside the park.
Fall color is near peak on aspens,birches and cottonwoods.Bears are foraging up to 20 hours a day in autumn.Please do not draw near to bears or other wildlife in Glacier or other parks.They may react unpredictably.View them with binoculars or spotting scopes instead.
The popular park is on the Canadian border.
Light snow was also dusting parts of  Midwestern states North Dakota,Wisconsin and Minnesota Friday night, as well as the Front Range of the Rockies.