Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Edition:Music and NBA Basketball

The music almost didn't get here tonight.There were more technical problems,but,with persistence,I was finally able to bring it to you.It was challenging,believe me.It's a marginal situation.The slightest defect somewhere along the line can wreck the posting.So you got an old classic,"Chestnut Mare,"and one a little less old,"Holiday."I think it's a good gift for everyone.It's great to hear the Byrds' narrative song,a song that really tells a story.It's a blast to see Madonna dance as well.*
The Golden State Warriors did not get a gift.They got a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking,losing to the San Antonio Spurs 104-102 Thursday night in Oakland.This dropped the Warriors to 14-13,and lifted the Spurs to 21-5.
Stephen Curry and David Lee were outstanding for the Warriors.It was Lee's tenth consecutive double-double game,and Curry made several remarkable shots,both close-in and outside of the paint;but they were hindered by repeated turnovers to the Spurs.You cannot win NBA games that way.*
We never give up,said the Spurs' Marco Belinelli.Everyone was good on defensive and offensive rebounds.It was really tough.This is the NBA,it's nothing easy.We just try to come from the bench and be very aggressive.*
Season's Greetings to all.Happy and Merry Christmas,dear readers.

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